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Syd Mead (Conceptual illustrations), Blade Runner [And related earlier art), c. 1980.


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The Blues Brothers (USA, 1980)

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Lost Signal. Photos & Gif By David


Lost Signal. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani

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Glimmer, Philip Barlow

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Learn to code while playing Minecraft

Did you know that you can learn programming while playing a video game? A team of computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, has developed LearnToMod, software that teaches kids introductory programming with Minecraft. Students will learn JavaScript, the essential programming language of the web, and can also earn University of California college credits, regardless of their age.

“Our goal is to teach kids computer science while they’re having fun.”

Read more about how UC San Diego computer scientists are teaching programming with Minecraft.

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The Day After Tomorrow // Tim White

The Day After Tomorrow // Tim White

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